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Are You Looking For The Best Planning Permission Services In Your Town? NO WORRIES!

Revite offers the satisfied planning permission services for different projects i.e., house extension, loft conversion, outbuilding, commercial project, garage conversion, and new buildings. We will handle the entire procedure, including architectural design and planning permission for you. We will deliver a set of schematics, architectural plans, and any other necessary paperwork. If you want to have planning approval service at any stage of your project. Let us now, we are offering planning permission service at different phases of the project’s development.


Here Is The Step-By-Step Process Of Planning Approvals For All Of Your Projects

Survey study: We have the best architects that will do a site survey in order to assist you with the design and every aspect of the location. Measurements and images of the region will be obtained to create an accurate depiction of the concepts. As the architect surveys the area, they will talk with the surveyor, and take into account the aspect, views, and exposure before incorporating these elements into a draft plan.

Draft plan: After completing the site survey, our team starts focusing on the draft plan on Revit software. As the draft plan is ready to go, it will move forward to the valued customers through a proper channel.

Application submission: We take care of all the steps to satisfy our customers regarding application submission. If the client is satisfied with the architectural design and draft plan then the application will be submitted to the relevant authorities.




Planning Permission For House Extensions


Are you tired of staying in the small-scale house for years and want to extend it because of increased family members or children demand for separate rooms, or want to enjoy extra space for the kitchen? Do Not Worry About It!!

Revite is the best place to reach out for all your house extension needs. Extending your home will let you enjoy more family space, and it can even up the value of your property to make moving easier down the line. Revite gives all primary and secondary details of planning permission for a house extension project to you.


Planning Permission For New Build


Do you want to have and live in a house that is built according to your taste, but worried about planning approvals?  NO WORRIES AT ALL!!

If you are thinking about a new build, you probably need to take full planning permission from the relevant authorities. Full planning permission offers consent for a project based on a detailed design being provided. Amazingly, Revite provides complete details of planning permission for a new build project to you. Revite offers you to build your own house with your own likes and dislikes. The new build will always be dearest to you and we love to give our clients something that will stay with them throughout their life. We use new technology and modern designs to build a new house.


Planning Permission For Garage Conversion

If you are thinking about turning your garage into an apartment or in a fancy thing, you probably need the planning approvals. In most cases, no planning permission is needed as long as the work is internal and does not include expanding the building. No matter what work is involved, planning approval may be needed if your project crosses the specific limits.

If you’re unsure whether or how to apply, our specialists can ask your local planning authorities for pre-application guidance.


Planning Permission For Loft Conversion


Are you up to loft conversion and looking for the planning permission services in your town? GREAT WE ARE OFFERING THE BEST PLANNING APPROVAL SERVICES!!

Loft conversion is the process of converting an empty loft or attic into a usable room, usually used as a bedroom, office, gym, or storage space. Loft conversions are among the most common types of home remodelling because of their numerous alleged advantages. You won’t need to obtain planning permission as long as the construction meets certain requirements i.e., if you want to obtain a straightforward conversion with roof windows (although it’s advisable to verify). However, if your plans go beyond specific parameters and requirements such as expanding or changing the roof area, you will need to obtain planning permission.

We will look at local authority guidelines and statutory requirements to help with the process of getting your project approved. You can trust us for all the approvals as we give all primary and secondary details of planning permission for the loft conversion project to you.


Planning Permission For Commercial Project


Having planning approvals for a commercial project is not an easy job. But YOU KNOW WHAT? WE ARE OFFERING PLANNING PERMISSION SERVICES IN ALL KIND OF COMMERCIAL PROJECTS!!

Acquiring commercial planning authorization can be a difficult and drawn-out process that requires extensive knowledge of the relevant rules and regulations. Warehouses and other industrial buildings have different planning permit requirements as compared to wind turbines, retail stores, inner-city office buildings, and other types of commercial buildings.

We have been in the industry for years and offer the planning permission service for each of your commercial projects.


Planning Permission For Outbuilding


Want to have an outbuilding for any of your work and want the services of planning approvals? HURRAY, YOU ARE AT THE RIGHT PLACE!!

Revite gives you the outbuilding services which includes separate structures used for a purpose incidental to the enjoyment of the dwellinghouses.  You may need planning permission for the outbuilding structures such as green houses, sheds, swimming pools, sauna cabins, tennis courts, etc. We will take care of each step of planning permission service for outbuildings. When it’s time to submit the application form for outbuilding, we make sure each step is completed and ready to go.

To make you happy and satisfied, our staff will provide the all-necessary details of planning permission for the outbuilding project to you.


Why us?

Revite provides step by step details of planning approvals starting from site survey to application submission. The planning permission submission to your local government is included in our quotes. We will fill out the application form on your behalf, and keep you informed at every step of the way. You can trust us because our staff will oversee the entire planning process. It’s possible that you’ve already made a planning application, but the council has asked for more detailed drawings. You can reach out to us for that as well.








Our customers are at the heart of what we do. From new bathrooms and kitchens to full-scale renovations, loft conversions or extensions, we highly value customers’ feedback. It is great for our team but also allows us to grow and improve. Feedback is a gift!


We provide professional design and build services with a real focus on customer satisfaction.
Our services are carried out by fully trained staff to the highest professional standards.



      Karen Boakes is the Sales Manager for REVITE. She owns the overall sales to delivery process with a focus on great customer experience and ensures that REVITE delivers their promise and a fantastic service.


      SOPHIE REMSAYBUILDING SURVEYOR (Qualified from RICS Accredited University) University of West London

      Sophie is working with Revite as a Building Surveyor and primarily looking for different aspects of design and construction, including maintenance and restoration of proposed and existing buildings.



      Vikram Shah is the Account Manager for REVITE. He has rich account management experience and worked along many local and international brands. His particular focus is on dealing with clients.

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