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Finding the Right Builder for Your Home

Finding the Right Builder for Your Home

Finding the Right Builder for Your Home:

Finding the right builder for your home is as important as finding the right architect, the right plan, and design as it is the builder who will bring an architect and your vision to true life. However, finding a good builder can be tricky and worrying. We can look at steps you can take to find the right builder for your building

1) Research on the internet

Right when you decide to get your house built or renovated, you should start looking for a builder. The easiest way is to start with the internet. There are also a few websites and applications that can suggest you master builders in your area like,, etc. Read reviews on builders see their websites and make a list of what you find suitable.

2) Ask around for builder recommendation

Personal recommendations are a great way to find good builders. Ask friends, family, and neighbor’s detailed questions about a recommended builder. Questions to ask should include their professionalism, time, costs, etc. Ask about the quality of work, workmanship, and reliability.

You can also take suggestions from tradesmen like electricians, plumbers, etc.

Recommendations can also be taken from local property dealers and architects to find out whether they know a good and reputable builder.

3) looking for a reliable builder from trading associations

Even though builders don’t need to join a trading body but bodies like the Federation of Masters Builders, National Federation of Builders, Guild Builders, and Contractors can give you good builders and you get a certain level of protection by choosing builders who meet the Government endorsed trading standards with the ‘Trustmark’ seal.

4) Shortlist builders

Once you have enough information on builders by using the above steps, narrow down your choices to ideally three by comparing reviews and work available.

5) Interview shortlisted builders

Schedule a face-to-face meeting as well as request to visit a site with your shortlisted builders. Meeting them face to face in their office will give you an idea about the organization, their team, communication style, and professional behavior. However, a site visit will tell you about Jobsite cleanliness, how they use safety measures, the team’s potential and way of working, etc.

You can ask a few questions from the builder when you meet them like how closely they work with Architect, have they done a similar project like yours in the past, how do they make a preliminary quote and a detailed one, what if a change comes after the contract has been signed their delivery time estimate, their site visits frequency and so on. These will help you decide your favorite builder.

Also, ask them for references for projects already done

6) Meet or speak with past clients

Meet their past clients. Chances are you will be given preference for one of their best works so to make things more transparent, ask the clients specific questions and observe their answers. The questions should include subjects like cost, timings, team behavior and knowledge, builders’ site visits, contact details, etc.

7) Finalize a builder

Once you have done all the above steps and also taken a quotation from at least three builders, you should be able to finalize a builder that suits you best in terms of quality and cost both.

8) Contract

Always form a written contract with your builder with each detail written. Ask them to give you a timeframe and work distribution document where you know when a particular task will be completed. Note for details on the contract and make sure you understand each terminology or else ask the builder before you sign the papers.

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