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Purpose of Structure

This is about the building to be built. Is this commercial, residential, academic, institutional, warehouse, storage, or hospital building. This also helps in understanding the covered structures. Does the structure need to be rebuilt or a new structure?

Occupancy of Structure

Occupancy differs with the type of building to be occupied. Every building has its occupancy factors. This helps in understanding the potential loadings to be calculated for structural designs.

Characteristics of Structure

Here, characteristics mean what material is the structure composed of. The structure may be of steel, softwood timber, concrete, or a composite. This helps in determining structural elements and member’s properties to be designed.

Condition of Structure

The present conditions help in determining loadings and proposing structures rehabilitation, replacement, renovation or any type of structural change to be provided. As-built drawings, in the case of existing buildings or houses, are required to help to understand the present state of structures.

Region of The Structure

This is one of the main components of structural calculations. The regulations, by-laws, and codes of practices are different from region to region. For example, in Britain or Europe, British standards or euro codes are used while in North American and other regions American concrete institute codes are used.

Building Drawings

If the buildings are already in place, as-built drawings are required for proper inspection and structural calculations. This helps in getting the dimensions and locations of structural members precisely.

Site Survey

If a site visit can be made, it helps in surveying and judging the actual condition of the structure and structural members to be built or members that need rehabilitation or replacement.

Soil Report

This helps in determining the bearing capacity and log of soil beneath the structure. This report assists in determining the types of foundations to be provided and performing structural calculations accordingly.

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